About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Rohit Menon and I am a software engineer at Apple Inc. in Singapore. I am interested in computer science and its applications especially in distributed systems and most of my work has been centered around building systems for handling large volumes of data and computation.

Prior to joining Apple, I used to be a software engineer at Rakuten Inc. at the company’s Singapore office. Before Rakuten, I was a student at Nanyang Technological University from where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Before that I was a student at Temasek Polytechnic from where I graduated with a Diploma in Electronics with Merit. My LinkedIn page has more details on my professional journey.

I occasionally blog when I can’t fit things into 140 or so characters on Twitter and I sometimes share code on Github. Outside of work, I volunteer my time with a few organizations such as the Singapore National Library Board, the Singapore Red Cross and the Asian Civilization Museum where I help out with their various programmes and initiatives.

I used to use Blogger for 13 years until early 2020 when I decided to move to Github. My old blog is archived at oldblog.rohitsm.com. Fun fact: my old blog got featured in a documentary about Aaron Swartz.